Operation Cleft
This project provides Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate surgery to the poorest and most disadvantaged children in Bangladesh.
The project addresses maternal and child health and also by enabling children to attend and successfully participate in school, addresses education and community development. I know that your District is an active one with many projects but we would love D9465 to join us in helping one of the poorest countries on earth to become more sustainable and to redress the unfairness that condemns these children to a life of exclusion, ill health and poverty when au$300 could transform their life. It is a wonderful, personal and easy way to provide targeted International assistance.
Please contact Vici Funnell to arrange for further information to be provided.
Operation Cleft 
An International project of the Rotary Club of Box Hill Central (Dist 9810)
PO Box 631, Box Hill Vic. 3128 Australia 
Mob: 0418502869
Web: www.operationcleft.org.au
* Watch Operation Cleft in Action: http://operationcleft.org.au/latest-news/ 
*Like us on facebook:   http://www.facebook.com/OperationCleft
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