Rotary Club of Cockburn

      Cockburn Spring Fair - 29th October 2017


Fines Master: Peter Hodgson                  Assistant:  Sophie Rietbrock
Who                                                           Reason
 All                                                                Who paid with a $50                                                                                            
All                                                                 No Stamps Badges
All                                                                 Havent paid for their Shirts yet
Lindsay                                                          Bandied on too long as Guest Speaker
Michael                                                          Late again and also setting off the Phone/Doorbell Dixie and we are "Rich"
All                                                                 Visitors leaving wishing Sabine and Christa a safe trip home
Rosinda and Ray                                             Ye of little faith?
All                                                                  Who are not involved in the Rotto swim
Ray                                                                No Foundation Report
Lindsay                                                           Forgot to mention we had been awarded Grant for Membership drive
Ray              fined Lindsay                               Forgot to mention two new members, John Jones and Katrina Anderson were agreed to be accepted as members.