Workshop on Vision

Posted by Rosinda Seara

Rotary Club of Cockburn
Club meeting 29 June summary of members’ participation and group work that were in attendance
Please send any other suggestions, ideas to Rosinda by Tuesday 4 July 1pm so that the final draft can be presented at the Board meeting that evening.
To be a vibrant, active and growing club that engages in Rotary by fostering fellowship and participation in diverse projects to better the community at local and international levels.
Ø  Increase membership
Ø  Build and sustain a revenue income stream
·         Apply for more grants
·         Develop a new income stream
Ø  Active participation by all Rotarians by having champions for causes
Ø  Plant one tree for every Rotarian in the coming year
Survey questions
Rotary Club of Cockburn
Results of Survey Data    (12 members responded)
Club survey on needs and wants 6 July 2017
Please complete the following survey with specific regard to the needs and wants of the Rotary Club of Cockburn by placing a CROSS in the appropriate box and add any other comment or suggestion in the space provided.
strongly agree
not applicable
strongly disagree
1.   The current meeting format suits me?  If not, suggestions.
Keep report session short.
We made changes lets settle into new format
2.   The breakfast meeting is appropriate? If not, suggestions.  7  5  0  0  0                                        
Evening meeting at previous club gave longer meeting for fellowship
3.   Does the venue suit the purpose? If not, suggestions. 4  7  1  0  0
At present but an eventual move nearer to Cockburn Central may help attract more members.
Look at moving to ARC for a new meeting place (hate to lose Harry though).
Where else would you get the meal and the price we are paying now?
4.   I am happy with my role in the club? If not what would you like to do? 4  7  1  0  0
Act as a mentor within the club.
Current commitments prevent involvement this year, but maybe more involvement next year.
5.   There is enough fellowship in the club?
What other social activities would you suggest? 1  8  0  1  2
More time with Partners
Fourth Thursday meeting changed to a social event
Walking Tours Paid/Free eg City of Cockburn
Attend plays/concerts
Prison Tour
6.   Should we do more interclub activities?
Social/meetings combined 2  8  1  1  0
7.   Should we do more with other service clubs in the area? 3  7  1  1  0
Eg Lions –social   Projects
Always difficulty in defining others roles
8.   Would you support fellowship with other Rotary Clubs?       3      8      1     0    0
9.   Would you support a fellowship partnership with a club from district 9455?    2     8     2   0   0
10. Do you understand the fee structure of the club?  4      6       0      2  0
Agree but maybe an update to members to clarify the fee structure and breakdown
11. Do you have any suggestions regarding guest speakers? 
More business achievers
Should tap expertise of other clubs in District to obtain a wider range of speakers
Cockburn Ice Arena
St. Pats Fremantle
Native Arc
Look to members special interests
12.  Should we tap the expertise within the club for guest speakers?  4    7     1     0    0
Yes and or through the MCCC
13.  Our club offers members leadership opportunities.  2   3    4   3   0
Agree: All should aim to be President
14.  All members can give input into service and social activities.   5    7   0    0   0
Agree but more encouragement to be involved
Discussion at meetings
15.  Are there any suggestions that you feel would enhance your connectivity with the club.
More involvement by members to be Champions of a certain aspect of Rotary Service/programs rather than just the Directors.
Time is an issue
16. Do you have any suggestions of how we can increase our membership?
Work with MCCC
More business contact with a letter of introduction to what Rotary does in our Community
Try to create a greater presence within the Cockburn Community, probably move towards Cockburn Central for more diverse range of potential members
Melville’s model
-follow up
Friday forages
Business Houses
Thank you for completing the survey
     4          8                                                   
The visioning Document has been produced and will be loaded on Club Runner. Please all review the document and advise that you have.