Other Reports and Notices:

Membership (Lindsay Robeson) MCCC: Lindsay said he would follow up and discuss our membership as it is due for renewal and do we continue.
Also will attend the Membership Forum on the 6th August
Youth (Simon Watson) Absent
Exchange Student: The club will be co-hosting with RC Narrogin, a German girl as from January 2018. Host families are being finalized.
Conference (Michael Beaver):Booked accommodation in Margaret River for the 2018 conference. He has a few spare if required.
Treasurer: Annual Fees for 2017-2018 issued $335. Can pay $200 by end July with balance by end of September.
                  Club finances are in order accurate figures will be tabled at Board meeting with DG
A social night will be held at Rosinda's residence on 29th July. The Club to arrange the meal and approx. $10per head subsidized  drinks will be available for sale.
All welcome including Family friends (Numbers could be restricted) Log onto Club Runner and accept/decline attendance
Looking at 25th August Fellowship night at the Cockburn Ice Arena to have a meal and watch a Ice Hockey Game.
Vocational (Diane Wright): Absent
Community (Alan Wright): Absent
Sargent (Ray McKinnon): Looking at a swap meet in the Cockburn Area: Meeting being arranged with Simone Sieber Community Development Coordinator at the City of Cockburn to assist in the setting up of a Swap Mart in collaboration with Lions or another group willing to take on. A meeting with our club may be arranged on the 10th August.