President's Message
Ian Watson
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       21st  February 2019
President Ian Watson Welcomed all to the meeting
Apologies: Martin, Alan, John, Lyndsay and Simon
Special Guests: Nil
Opened Special Resolution Meeting on acceptance of the revised Constitution and By -Laws  (advertised and distributed to all members 19th January 2019).
A Quorum present with 13 present and two proxy votes received 15 overall.
Geoff Webb moved that the Rotary Club of Cockburn Inc. adopts the Constitution as annexed to this Special Resolution Marked Annexure A and as attached to the Notice of Special General Meeting sent out 19th January 2019.
Moved by Geoff Webb Seconded by Bevan Goodreid
The Resolution was carried unanimously.
Positions filled for 2019-20. President Ray McKinnon agreed to be President Elect this year and President in 2019-20
Audited Books for the Financial Year 2016-17 were completed and advised at this meeting by the Treasurer.
Board meeting held on Monday night 18th and reports expanded below.

Thank you Robyn for putting on the Continental Breakfast this morning and this format will continue until a decision is made in the future.

Spring Fair: Barry Hoar presented President Ian Watson with a cheque of $15000 being funds from the Spring fair in October.

Guest Speakers: Miella Spain Youth Exchange adventure
Rotary Youth Exchange 19th Jan – 3rd feb
Heading 3 1
Wow, I can’t believe I’ve already been in Spain for two weeks. It feels like I’ve been here forever and what a busy first two weeks I have had!
The day finally arrived when I knew I would be leaving my friends and family for a year. The airport farewell was filled with many, many tears and hugs as it finally hit me that I was actually going away. Luckily on the plane ride from Perth to Doha I was with some fellow exchange students which helped ease the nerves. The 11 hour flight consisted of sleep, food and many movies. At 6am in the morning at Doha airport I fare-welled the other exchange students and began the last leg of the trip to Barcelona by myself. Coming out of Barcelona airport I was warmly welcomed by my new host parents Lucia and Imanol who I would be living with for the next 12 months.
I now live in a small village called Hecho, (Valle de Hecho). It’s about 4 hours north-west of Barcelona. The Hecho valley is among the Aragonese Pyrenees mountains. It has been constantly snowing in Hecho since I arrived, and the temperatures range from 8 degrees to minus 5 degrees. I have never experienced such cold weather before, but luckily, I have very warm clothes. The snow is very pretty to look at but not to touch or walk in!
Myself and my host mum Lucia at the Barcelona airport on my arrival.
My year away in Spain! My year away in Spain! My year away in Spain! My year away in Spain! My year away in Spain! My year away in Spain! My year away in Spain!
Picture of Hecho. The village I am living in.
Hecho from a distance.
Rotary Youth Exchange [Publish Date]
b 2
My first week in Spain was quite tough as I struggled a lot with home sickness and being away from my family and friends. The Spanish culture is very different to Australian culture and it took me some time to adjust.
The first couple of days I had in Spain were very relaxed. I was shown around my village as well as the town of Jaca where I would be going to school. My host parents also showed me their small hotel that they run which is about 7km from Hecho. Although it is closed during the winter until March, it is a gorgeous little hide away.
On the Friday afternoon of the first week I travelled to Lleida by bullet train from the city of Zaragoza. Lleida is a city in the west of Catalonia, Spain. I was lucky enough to have a quick look around Zaragoza. It has many beautiful art museums, cathedrals and buildings and I hope to visit there again for a better look around. There in Lleida I had my first Rotary orientation camp with all the other exchange students from the district 2202, which consists of students from areas around Barcelona. There are about 12 of us, 6 Americans, 4 Australians, 1 Philippines girl, and 2 Indians. It was great to meet all the other students and finally talk in English. Besides the other Aussies and I, the other students arrived in Spain in October, so they were already familiar with the language, but it was great to have a chat with them and get lots of tips and advice. On the Saturday we had a huge lunch meal at a restaurant and one of the dishes they served us was Snails! We had to pull them out of their shells and they were still slimly, Whilst I did try one, I don’t think I’ll ever eat one again! As part of the camp we went on a tour around the city of Lleida. We visited the Gothic – Romanesque Cathedral and climbed up a 300 stepped spiral staircase to get to the top of the bell tower, where we could see the whole city as well as the Pyrenees mountains (my home). We also visited the newly built Cathedral as well as the old Jewish Quarter of Tora (La Segarra). I had such a great time that weekend with the other exchange students and I can’t wait to see them again.
As part of the exchange program I must attend school throughout the year. I now go to a high school in Jaca called ‘IES Pirineos’. I catch a bus at 7:30am in Hecho every morning and arrive at school by 8:30am. I have found school in Spain to be very different to school in Australia. The teachers talk throughout the classes in a lecture style with no input from the students. All classes are in Spanish and at this stage I am finding it boring and lonely as I can’t understand anything! The students and teachers speak Spanish and hardly any English, so it is very hard to communicate. I am in a class with 15 students and we share all the same classes together. The year level that I am in is about equivalent to year 11 in Aus. The subjects I take are English, history, economics, physical education, religion, TIC (computing & technology), Spanish grammar, philosophy and mathematics. Whilst the students are very friendly, they tend to keep to themselves and I have found it quite hard to make friends. During the breaks I sit with a group of girls from my class, but they speak little to me as I think they are embarrassed that their English is not strong, but most certainly it’s
The City of Zaragoza
Lleida Cathedral
Rotary Youth Exchange [Publish Date]
b 3
better than my Spanish! So yes, it is quite isolating and lonely at school, but I am trying to be patient and positive, as I’m sure it will get better as I learn more of the language. There are also no sport teams, music, art or dance classes or even any extracurricular activities at the school which is quite disappointing.
On Wednesday of the second week I went to Huesca to meet my host Rotary Club. When I arrived there was a huge crowd of Rotarians, school students and general public standing around in a park. I’m not sure what they were celebrating or commemorating but at the end they asked me to get up in front of everyone to introduce myself (in English luckily). It was very nerve-racking getting up and talking on the spot, but I believe I did a good job. Afterwards I was taken out for coffee with three Rotarians who are all very nice and some speak English which was pleasing.
On the way back form Huesca my host parents showed me numerous churches and cathedrals in small villages. The architecture and designs of these buildings are phenomenal and breath taking and it’s hard to believe that they are still intact after so many years. They also showed me a chapel built into one of the mountains called the ‘The route of Silence’. They told me it would be a small walk up a hill to see. It turned into an hour hike on a rocky path up a steep mountain. But the trek was worth the view. It was amazing, but then we had to walk all the way down again and I was not exactly prepared for a hike up a mountain wearing converse shoes. The final stop for that day was to the Castle of Loarre, a Romanesque Castle and Abbey. It was built in the 11th and 12th centuries and was mainly used as a military castle. It’s beauty, uniqueness and excellent state of conservation has made it the scenic choice for many films and documentaries such as the world-wide film “Kingdom of Heaven” directed by Ridley Scott.
My host parents are originally from San Sebastian, so for my second weekend they took me to San Sebastian for a short trip. While the weather was very windy, cold and wet, San Seb is a gorgeous city and definitely my favourite place so far. We stayed in Lucia’s mum’s apartment which was right in the center of the city, so we were able to walk everywhere. The city is filled with many bars, restaurants, cafes and Patisseries. On the Friday night we went to a jazz club, which we were all very excited about, however unfortunately we were quite disappointed with the outcome. The band playing was not exactly a jazz band and their music sounded like instruments clashing together to make a horror movie soundtrack! I met both Lucia and Imanol’s families on different occasions for lunch. They are both lovely families and amazing cooks. San Seb is also the best place for a shopping trip, so I was able to buy some new clothes. On the Saturday night there was a festival in the old part of the city. Although it was raining that didn’t stop people from singing and dancing down the streets in their Gypsy costumes.
I have been able to spend lots of time with my host parents over the last two weeks as they don’t start work at their hotel until March, so I have been able to get to know them well. They are both lovely, warm-hearted people. Imanol is very funny and likes to joke around and Lucia is a very good cook and so sweet. Their son Igor who is 15 is away on exchange in Finland until June, so I will be having a new brother soon.
As Hecho is a small village, there is not a lot to do and as it is winter, everyone tends to keep inside, however my host parents have managed to help me find some activities to do. On a Monday night I go
Top of the mountain: ‘The route of Silence’
Rotary Youth Exchange [Publish Date]
b 4
to a gym class and Wednesday night I go to a Zumba class which is really fun and good exercise. On Tuesday nights from 8:30 – 10pm I have joined a percussion group in the next town called Anso. Although I am the youngest member in the group by about 25 years, it is so much fun and it is such an energetic and vibrant atmosphere and everyone really gets into the beats of the drums! On Saturday afternoons starting this week, I will be joining the choir in Hecho and I am really looking forward to be able to sing again. Every day in the afternoon my host mum sits down with me and teaches me some Spanish vocabulary which has been very helpful and at the end of February I will be doing a Spanish language class on a Thursday night.
The Spanish food here is so delicious that it’s hard not to stop eating and the meal sizes are quite large. For breakfast, I have a bowl of cereal or toast with some fruit. Lunch is around 3.30pm and consists of either beans or soup as the first course and some sort of meat, with bread on the side. Dinner is around 9pm and ranges from tortilla da patata (egg omelette with potato), Paella, pork, ensaladas, fish, meats, potatoes, vegetables and more bread. Every meal consists of having bread with it. As much as I like bread the Spanish eat way too much! I have also fallen in love with the Spanish pastries and desserts! After meals cheese and quince is a typical Spanish dessert or either a small tub of yoghurt or galletas (biscuits).
Well, as you can see, I’ve had a very busy first 2 weeks, with many ups and downs. I can’t wait to continue my adventure and let you in on the ride!
Left to right clockwise: San Sebastian, Festival in San Seb, Patisserie in San Seb, Me in the snow.
Rotary Youth Exchange [Publish Date]
b 5
Left to right clockwise: Chapel in the Mountain, artwork and structures inside some churches/ cathedrals, San Sebastian beach, Loarre Castle, my host parents Lucia and Imanol, Jazz club in San Sebastian
Directors Reports:
Club Service/Vice President:
Governance Officer: Constitution ratified today Special Resolution Meeting 21st Feb. Presentation for confirmation will be lodged with the Dept of Commerce now.
Treasurer:  Funds Okay  2x Membership dues not paid yet. RI Dues to be paid. Need to assist DG to pay Polio Plus money before conference and also Shelter Box donation. Audited books for 2016-17 done and will now present the 2017-18 books for audit
Accommodation for conference in Collie done at Collie Ridge Hotel. If any others decide they are going then advise Michael to make sure enough accommodation arranged. If you are going to the conference book in.
Final Closing date for registrations now 28th February 2019
Brought up at Governance meeting that separate accounts to opened for all Markets and Fairs to keep funds and operating authority separate from Club operating accounts.
Making sure all accounts have two signatory's at all time and any cash to be counted in the presence of two members. 
Foundation: Ray Swap Meet at Beeliar Shopping centre a go 10th March first . Meetings ongoing all reports underway including Risk management and Insurance cover finalised.
Purchase of equipment and flags and barriers done sorted. We need at least three members to run the Swap mart each week 6am-11am (Swap meet 7am to 10am). Roster again sent around.
Markets final approval from Centre and Cockburn Council once Toilet access issue  sorted if not back would be portable toilets.
Extensive Advertising to commence on Gazette, Facebook local Chat sites.
Need First Aider on site. COC are doing subsidized First Aid courses for NFP organisations at $40 info will be sent out. Geoff and Ray are upgrading their accreditations on Saturday.
Fellowship night to be on 28th Feb Venue at the Vale 6-30 start.
50th Anniversary of the Club is in June 19 but will have a 50th Birthday bash deferred to 25th July 2019 (TBC) due to lodging a grant application late. Jandacot Hall to be used.
Wine Tasting Night will be held on a Friday night 20th May. Put in Diary
Membership:  Couple prospective members SK & She Tan attended the FishnChips night Also following up Jason Pinner from business IBroken (he attended end year sundowner). Business Cards available. In the Club cupboard. On going meetings. Banners and promotional material being ordered.
Community:  AYLA did not respond many messages and phone calls to Alan regarding donation from Rotary. Just maybe will reach out to the Salvos again to donate plus foodbank. Cheque presentations by the club should be done at Club Level and appropriate acknowledgement via facebook and web site advertising the presentation.
Vocational: Diane chasing up schools regarding Literacy awards. 4Way Test schools being approached missed first round but Seton looking good for new year.
Looking at Army Museum Band night invitation sent out direct booking
also RSL have a sundowner on 1st and 3rd Friday mth we could go along as a club outing to support their fundraising.
Youth: Outward bound student Meila sent a great update on her Youth Exchange to Spain
International: Looking at support to Max Bird and his team from Kwinana again this year.
Max is to attend our club meeting on the 7th March giving update on his work in East Timor and presentation of our funds to the project. and also Shelter Box and Sole Man donations approved. 
FINES: Michael Beaver  Helper Mayor Logan Howlett
Usual offenders with No PINS or Stamps
Speaking during President address
Those who got to the meeting before 7.25am
Peter back from slothing at Broome and pulling out of the Rotto support team (small problem with outboard motor stuffed)
John (Not here) so Kurk fined for the cost of the Claremont Serial Killer trial
Nat Late with getting Spring fair books updated to present the funds to the club
Jeff Meyers: For spending it in all one swoop
Ian non attendance at District
Bevan: Not swimming the Rotto swim this year (excuse he is injured)
Geoff : False News in bulletin conflict with duties
All those who are watching the ALFX
Birthdays:  Simon
Brought Box:
Fined The Sergeant false Fines no breakfast
Mayor Logan 
Lucky Numbers: #57- Club
Mar 07, 2019
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