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Rosinda Seara
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Welcome to all Rotarians
Presidents report: Rosinda Seara PSM
Club Runner: Really do ask all members to log onto Club Runner not only just to register for meetings but to see what is in the club runner of interest and also feed back to the Club what you would like to be on there and also for any news that could be relevant to the members. Club runner:
Other sites of interest are: District Web Site: ; Rotary Australia: ; MyRotary web site:
Signatories have now signed at  Westpac Spearwood and need to now log onto Westpac with your new customer number and create a password also advise PP Geoff  or Treasurer Michael your Westpac Customer Number ( not password) to enable you to do online banking .
DG Visit: Bruce Lynch and wife Glenda.To be on the 3rd August night meeting at Senior Centre 7pm: Board members to be at the meeting by 6.00pm. Directors you should have given budgets and direction of your committee for 2017-18 to President Rosinda.
Club Shirts looked into and local business offered price of $150 for artwork and then $46per shirt. Will need to get a photo that can be used. Photo and design will need to be picked and then agreed by members. All ideas on the design greatly appreciated. Still waiting for some ideas of photo and colour. We may have someone who can do a high grade photo by drone or like of the Rotary Wheel overlooking Rotary Lookout and Cockburn Sound.
President Elect: Ian Watson
DG Visit make sure all Directors at the venue by 6pm  prior to the meeting.
MCC Business after Hours
Event Details


Wednesday 26 July 2017


6 - 8 pm


Fine dining sit-down banquet meal.
$25 per head
BYO wine or $5 beer/wine over the bar.


1/4 Sleat Road, Applecross WA 6153

RSVP:To register or phone 08 9433 2305
by Friday 21 July 2017

Death of World Preident Elect Sam F. Owori: Memorial to Polio


A lot of people have been asking where they send condolences to and how they can contribute to the memorial fund in honour of Sam. Details are below. The election of the new President Elect will take place in Evanston on the 8  August.


Condolences may be addressed to Mrs. Norah Agnes Owori, c/o Institute of Corporate Governance of Uganda (ICGU), Crusader House, Plot 3 Portal Avenue, Kampala, Uganda or via email to:

Memorial contributions in honour of Sam will be directed to the Sam F. Owori Memorial to Polio. This fund has been established to honour his commitment to Rotary’s polio eradication efforts. Sam was a member of both the Africa Regional PolioPlus Committee and the International PolioPlus Committee. You can make online contributions to the fund here.


The election of the new President Elect will take place in Evanston on the 8 August 2017.

Bunnings BBQ 2nd July 2017
Well done to all members who assisted Ray McKinnon in preparing for and running the Bunnings BBQ on Sunday.
The 5 members of the Hammond Park Catholic Primary School Mens Group (Secret Dads Business)
The day started slowly but soon became very busy from about 10am and right through to the end resulting in Michael being sent off everywhere to buy more buns.
Not sure of exact figures but turned out a great day. The weather gods were kind to us as the Mens Shed guys the day before were blown away and drowned we sure had the better day. They had a far bit left over should have approached them if they had surplus.
Ray is to complete the return to Bunnings for income and expenses.
Workshop on Vision

Rotary Club of Cockburn
Club meeting 29 June summary of members’ participation and group work that were in attendance
Please send any other suggestions, ideas to Rosinda by Tuesday 4 July 1pm so that the final draft can be presented at the Board meeting that evening.
To be a vibrant, active and growing club that engages in Rotary by fostering fellowship and participation in diverse projects to better the community at local and international levels.
Ø  Increase membership
Ø  Build and sustain a revenue income stream
·         Apply for more grants
·         Develop a new income stream
Ø  Active participation by all Rotarians by having champions for causes
Ø  Plant one tree for every Rotarian in the coming year
Survey questions
Rotary Club of Cockburn
Results of Survey Data    (12 members responded)
Club survey on needs and wants 6 July 2017
Please complete the following survey with specific regard to the needs and wants of the Rotary Club of Cockburn by placing a CROSS in the appropriate box and add any other comment or suggestion in the space provided.
strongly agree
not applicable
strongly disagree
1.   The current meeting format suits me?  If not, suggestions.
Keep report session short.
We made changes lets settle into new format
2.   The breakfast meeting is appropriate? If not, suggestions.  7  5  0  0  0                                        
Evening meeting at previous club gave longer meeting for fellowship
3.   Does the venue suit the purpose? If not, suggestions. 4  7  1  0  0
At present but an eventual move nearer to Cockburn Central may help attract more members.
Look at moving to ARC for a new meeting place (hate to lose Harry though).
Where else would you get the meal and the price we are paying now?
4.   I am happy with my role in the club? If not what would you like to do? 4  7  1  0  0
Act as a mentor within the club.
Current commitments prevent involvement this year, but maybe more involvement next year.
5.   There is enough fellowship in the club?
What other social activities would you suggest? 1  8  0  1  2
More time with Partners
Fourth Thursday meeting changed to a social event
Walking Tours Paid/Free eg City of Cockburn
Attend plays/concerts
Prison Tour
6.   Should we do more interclub activities?
Social/meetings combined 2  8  1  1  0
7.   Should we do more with other service clubs in the area? 3  7  1  1  0
Eg Lions –social   Projects
Always difficulty in defining others roles
8.   Would you support fellowship with other Rotary Clubs?       3      8      1     0    0
9.   Would you support a fellowship partnership with a club from district 9455?    2     8     2   0   0
10. Do you understand the fee structure of the club?  4      6       0      2  0
Agree but maybe an update to members to clarify the fee structure and breakdown
11. Do you have any suggestions regarding guest speakers? 
More business achievers
Should tap expertise of other clubs in District to obtain a wider range of speakers
Cockburn Ice Arena
St. Pats Fremantle
Native Arc
Look to members special interests
12.  Should we tap the expertise within the club for guest speakers?  4    7     1     0    0
Yes and or through the MCCC
13.  Our club offers members leadership opportunities.  2   3    4   3   0
Agree: All should aim to be President
14.  All members can give input into service and social activities.   5    7   0    0   0
Agree but more encouragement to be involved
Discussion at meetings
15.  Are there any suggestions that you feel would enhance your connectivity with the club.
More involvement by members to be Champions of a certain aspect of Rotary Service/programs rather than just the Directors.
Time is an issue
16. Do you have any suggestions of how we can increase our membership?
Work with MCCC
More business contact with a letter of introduction to what Rotary does in our Community
Try to create a greater presence within the Cockburn Community, probably move towards Cockburn Central for more diverse range of potential members
Melville’s model
-follow up
Friday forages
Business Houses
Thank you for completing the survey
     4          8                                                   
The visioning Document has been produced and will be loaded on Club Runner. Please all review the document and advise that you have.
ChairpersonRosinda Seara PSM
Club Guests
Nadine Brazil for Cockburn Ice Arena
Cliff Gillies,  Kurk Brandstater, Owen McDermott , Jeff Meyers, Lindsay, Bevan, Martin, Robin Leahy, Barry Hoar, Alan and Diane
10 + 1 guest
Other Reports and Notices:
Membership (Lindsay Robeson) MCCC: Lindsay said he would follow up and discuss our membership as it is due for renewal and do we continue.
Also will attend the Membership Forum on the 6th August
Youth (Simon Watson) Absent
Exchange Student: The club will be co-hosting with RC Narrogin, a German girl as from January 2018. Host families are being finalized.
Conference (Michael Beaver):Booked accommodation in Margaret River for the 2018 conference. He has a few spare if required.
Treasurer: Annual Fees for 2017-2018 issued $335. Can pay $200 by end July with balance by end of September.
                  Club finances are in order accurate figures will be tabled at Board meeting with DG
A social night will be held at Rosinda's residence on 29th July. The Club to arrange the meal and approx. $10per head subsidized  drinks will be available for sale.
All welcome including Family friends (Numbers could be restricted) Log onto Club Runner and accept/decline attendance
Looking at 25th August Fellowship night at the Cockburn Ice Arena to have a meal and watch a Ice Hockey Game.
Vocational (Diane Wright): Absent
Community (Alan Wright): Absent
Sargent (Ray McKinnon): Looking at a swap meet in the Cockburn Area: Meeting being arranged with Simone Sieber Community Development Coordinator at the City of Cockburn to assist in the setting up of a Swap Mart in collaboration with Lions or another group willing to take on. A meeting with our club may be arranged on the 10th August.
Sergeant’s Session:
Fines Master: Ian Watson  Assisted by:                                                                                                                                 
Peter and Nat
Morbid start to the meeting talking about Funerals attended this week.
AllNo Stamps/ pins
PeterClub Runner really needs to get a handle on it
Eagles/Dockers/Force  fansLosers and winners
RayDinging the bell while Pres Rosinda speaking 
RayForgetting Harry the cooks name
$50  notes
Ian and



Bought the Box :
GeoffPeterFor leaving the Dockers/Eagles game at three quarter time
Winners and Grinners :
Heads and Tails: 
Numbers Club:     
Bevan Goodreid.
Upcoming Events
Thank you Pres Geoff and Christmas in July
Rosinda's home
Jul 29, 2017
6:00 PM – 10:30 PM
DG visit
Cockburn Seniors Centre
Aug 03, 2017
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Jul 27, 2017
Aug 03, 2017
Rotary Making a Difference
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Meeting Responsibilities

  July 6th Breakfast Meeting
Chairperson Rosinda Seara
Registration Peter Hodgson
Steward/Properties Simon Watson
Fines Master
Michael Beaver
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Barry Hoar
July 16
Ian Watson
July 26
Geoff Webb
Lorraine Webb
July 1
Join Date
Geoff Webb
July 1, 2001
16 years
Les Skelton
July 22, 1969
48 years
Bulletin Editor
Geoff Webb
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