President's Message
Ian Watson
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       20 th September 2018
President Ian Watson Welcomed all
Apologies: Jeff, Alan, John, Bevan, Peter, Lyndsay
Special Guests: Nil
Rotary events:
Welcomed to the new meeting Premises. Thanks to the Men's Shed for allowing us to use their facilities.
address: 2 Sullivan St, Cockburn Central WA
Still getting some things sorted like moving meeting stuff and cupboard etc.

Board Meeting :

Directors: Need to get Budgets to President and Treasurer by next Board Meeting 15th October 18

Breakfast: Agreed with Harry for a price to continue doing our breakfast at $15 p head inclusive of food. Lessor meal

Move of Equipment from Seniors Centre: Kurk and Barry to liaise with Simon to pick up cupboards, equipment and boards from the senior centre
and to drop off at Mens Shed

Minutes of the meeting available on web site.

Guest Speakers:
None this week. Update of Directors to the Club
Guest Speaker: None
Directors Reports:
Club Service/Vice President: VIV Cards handed out by Rosinda for members.
Invite out from Palm Beach to join their club on 24th October at clipper inn. See event below.
On 8th November it will be 100 yrs since end WW1. Can we do something to celebrate. Kurk looking to contact through Naval Base and Michael has contact with Army and also Diane said Alan would also give a talk.
Governance Officer: Charities Licence submitted for approval just waiting on  Financials Audited to be supplied. Working with Children register and advice to District to be completed. All current holders to send approvals to Secretary to include in register.
Ian (to complete). Alan and Di, Kurk and Sandra, Nat and Mike and Rosinda all current
COC Mens Shed Inc: The Mens Shed has been completed and Formal Opening done. Invite out for a Sundowner will follow
Treasurer:  Budgets required early new year from all the Directors for approval by the board. Membership fees are due. Accommodation for conference in Collie need to advise Michael so he can book now as limited.
Foundation: Ray Swap Meet at Beeliar Shopping centre a go. Meetings ongoing but probably not starting until new year now as delay in getting Requirement for a Traffic Report to be done by Council.
Fellowship: Next see below will be at the Ice Arena Cabin 401 on 27th September Recommend highly.
Xmas breakfast will be changed to a Sundowner to 6th December at Mens Shed 2 Sullivan St Cockburn Central.
January Fish n Chips meeting  will be on first meeting in Jan 17th.   
Next fellowship for Nov to be advised but maybe a corporate bowls night at the new Bowling Centre sometime
Robbie Burns night in January date to be advised and also invite to other clubs to join us.
50th Anniversary of the Club is in June but will have a 50th Birthday bash either May or July 2019
Membership:  Couple prospective members to be followed up. Business Cards available. In the Club cupboard. On going meetings last 10am Jamaca Blue 17th Sept. Banners and promotional material being ordered.
Mens Shed Garage Sale (huge range of tools and machines) coming up anyone want to have first choice let Peter know.
Community:  Stockland have approved grant request for $1000 for Microscopes to two schools plus batteries
Vocational: Diane chasing up schools regarding Literacy awards. 4Way Test schools being approached missed first round but Seton looking good for new year. Meeting arranged with committee
Youth: Disabilty Chair has been delivered and arranging for press presentation. Will arrange for PR News. Youth Exchange shared in Jan-July 2019. Not happening now. 
Spring fair: Date advised as the 28th October 2018. Next meeting 11th October. The Theme this year is medieval.
Curry Park Memorial; Discussions still going on with the Bibra Lake Community Assoc and the Mens Shed regarding re landscaping the Memorial of the early settlers (The Tapper Family). The council has come to the party and approved the fencing and landscaping in budget. We maybe able to do up the new signage as a gift under our 50year community donation.
FINES: Geoff Webb           Ray Assisted
No Stamps or badges ?
Who missed the Board Meeting
Michael: Late again thanks for supporting our xmas club
Eagles Members supporters not going to the game this wekend
All other supporters of other AFL clubs double for Melbourne supporters
Newbys: Welcome back Martin and Kurk
Holidays: Martin to UK and Nat to China
Diane: Alan and Diane off again for a trip again hopefully not as dramatic this time
Robyn: $50 note
Brought Box: Michael fined ray whose phone rang
Those who haven't brought strawberries this week
Should have fined members who had birthdays in September
Nat, Ray, Diane, Kurk and Jeff M: Happy birthday but catch you next meeting.
Congratulations: Diane 10 years Rotary Member, Barry Hoar 34 years Rotary Member.
Lucky Numbers:
#92 - Club
Upcoming Events
club fellowship evening
Cockburn Ice Arena
Sep 27, 2018 6:30 PM
Joint club meeting with Palm Beach
Clipper Hotel
Oct 24, 2018
6:15 PM – 9:00 PM
Meeting Responsibilities
Meeting 18th October 2018
Goodreid, Bevan
Hoar, Barry
Seara, Rosinda
Meeting October 4th 2018
Hoar, Barry
Watson, Simon
Harrison, Martin
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